Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quote of the Week

Grad student: This quarter has just been so hard.

Me: Well, don't worry, it'll get better as you go through the program.

Grad student: Oh, yeah, the tech guy is telling me that it gets better.

Me: Actually, I went through the program myself.

Grad student:
[shocked] Oh! You did? Wow! When did you graduate?


She proceeded to be much more open to my advice after she found out that I had the right pedigree. If I'm ever this rude to you, please feel free to shoot me off of my high horse.


Kelly Mahoney said...

She's not going to go too far in this realm with that sort of snottiness./

Martin said...

yeah. you really shouldn't need to feel validated by such ignorant students. you know you've got the "pedigree" plenty of others do, too.