Monday, October 15, 2007

High School Journalism Day Links

This post is for all of the high schoolers who attended Medill's High School Journalism Day festivities. Below you'll find links to the sites that I mentioned in my presentation, as well as other links that I didn't have time to cover. Good luck!

EPIC 2014
This Flash project by Matt Thompson and Robin Sloan offers a bleak potential outlook on the media landscape in 2014, but some of their theories on user-generated content are already coming true (in a much more positive way, I think!).

Journalism 2.0
Mark Brigg's "Digital Literacy Guide for the Information Age." This is required reading for anyone who wants to be a journalist in today's world.

RSS Feeds and Feed Readers
A good starting point for understanding the wacky world of Really Simple Syndication.

Google Reader
The most useful feed reader you can find. Subscribe, star, share and send items from your Google Reader.

Web Sites and Blogging
Create a blog like mine. Well, not exactly like mine. Find a niche and write with passion. Remember--it's not a journal, it's a conversation.
Create a blog or perhaps even a simple Web site for your high school newspaper, as I demonstrated during the presentation.

Web Site Analytics
Google Analytics
Extremely user-friendly and it offers comprehensive statistical visitor analysis for your site.

Feed Burner
Tracks RSS subscriptions and visitor stats for your site.

Web 2.0 API List
Loads of cool new Web sites and services. You could probably spend days on this.

Resources for Web Workers
Mindy McAdams' launching pad for online journalistic success. If you're interested in improving your knowledge of Web design, this is the place to start. HTML, CSS and Flash are all covered here.

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