Monday, November 19, 2007

Read my blog, Genius!

If you're reading this and understanding it, you're a genius.

At least that's what the Blog Readability Test is telling me. Actually, depending on which of my blog entries you're perusing, your reading level could fall anywhere from "High School" to "College (Post-grad)" to "Genius." I don't discriminate.

I don't know how this "test" actually works and I'm thinking it probably just scans for word count and letter count or something. Anyway, the site tells me that my Facebook profile is also at a high school reading level, so I guess I don't have any genius interests or maybe there just aren't any Facebook geniuses writing genius-speak on my Wall these days.

As for this blog, I know I haven't been writing in it very much (read: at all) lately, but hopefully that will change soon. Stay tuned, geniuses!

1 comment:

Erica said...

My blog junior high. Hahahaha. However, all my EPA documents, college. Why the disparity?