Monday, January 7, 2008

Look What Google Docs Can Do!

While poking around my Google Reader this weekend, I discovered that Google Documents now gives users the power to not only create presentations, but also to publish and embed those presentations online through a unique URL. I learned some other stuff during this 60-degree weekend as well, but I guess you'll just have to view my presentation to find out about that.


Katie Fee said...

That's some false advertising if I ever saw it! Your opening slide says 4 things you learned, but there are only 3 things in your presentation. Where's the fourth?!!?

Matt said...

Oh yeah. Whoops. I was originally going to use the 60-degree weather as one of the four, but that wasn't so much a discovery as it was a surprise.

I'm glad you're reading my blog so closely though, Katie. :-)

Katie Fee said...

Of course! I've always got your back!