Friday, July 18, 2008

What's up with the Muppets?

What's with all these reminders of my childhood lately? Still reeling from news of the ShowBiz Pizza documentary, there has now been a recent spate of online Muppet sightings. It started on the Fourth of July with a Muppet video rendition of Stars and Stripes Forever. Now the Muppet marketing continues with a few more, including Statler and Waldorf surfing the Net for some quality entertainment:

While not particularly hilarious, I have to wonder about the presence of these videos at all. Since Disney bought Kermit and Company several years ago, there has been precious little new Muppet material for fans to sink their teeth into. Sure, the original Muppet Show is being slowly released on DVD, but can't we get some new Muppet mayhem before the rest of the original Muppeteers retire?

It looks like some of the Muppet characters have their own user channels on YouTube now, so perhaps these videos mean there is more on the horizon. Let's hope so. But let's also hope they find some funnier material than having the Swedish Chef hum along to classical music.

On a related note:
I've always loved celebrity guest appearances on Sesame Street, especially when they feature talented musical artists riffing on their hit songs. Heck, there's a CD box set chock full of them.

The latest artist to hit the Street is Feist, who sends up her "1, 2, 3, 4" with a fantastic supporting cast. Enjoy!

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