Monday, August 11, 2008

Barack Roll: Best Use of the Internet Ever?

I just watched what should be the most viral video in Internet history, but it somehow still only has 600,000+ views on YouTube. Prepare to be Barack Rolled. Your life may never be the same again:

For any readers of this blog who are not familiar with the Internet-fueled prank of "rickrolling," it involves providing a link to one thing, but actually linking to Rick Astley's fascinatingly horrible 1987 chart-topper "Never Gonna Give You Up" or something that involves the song.

Exhibit A: This link to hilarious Muppet bloopers!

Events can also be rickrolled, as the song will begin playing while an Astley impersonator lip syncs along to the words.

Exhibit B: A college basketball game gets rickrolled.

Combining Obama and rickrolling? Sheer genius. Watch it again! You know you want to!

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Bret said...

Don't forget about this one!