Monday, March 2, 2009

Get Your Game On With Groupon

I always forget that the vastness of the Internets is a great place to look for deals on stuff. Saving a few bucks can be as easy as Googling "[Online store of choice] coupon code."

But sometimes you want to get a deal that you didn't even know you could get. That's what's great about sites like Woot that offer phenomenal daily deals on stuff-you-don't-really-need-but-sure-would-like-to-have-at-that-price. How about a daily deal on a random Chicago excursion, sporting event, show or restaurant? Sound good? Check out Groupon.

The premise is simple, but potentially awesome:
"1. Each day we feature something cool to do in Chicago at a huge discount.
2. You only get the discount if enough people join that day - so invite your
3. Check back the next day for another awesome Groupon"
While I have little to no interest in today's deal on $5 tickets to the Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament, I'm encouraged to see that enough people signed up to make the discount a reality. I look forward to the deals that will soon be filling my inbox on a daily basis and you should, too!


Julie said...

I got a massage for cheap there once! And a lot of the restaurant deals are good, if the restaurant is convenient of course.

Heck L. Ur said...

Why is the premise of Groupon spelled out in your entry in the first person plural? Are you the group's founder?

Matt said...


Heck said...


LMR said...

Doesn't this Groupon requirement for new members daily remind you a bit of The Ring? Once the entire world joins this group's mass email list, there will no longer be great deals and people will be forced to create fictitious people just so the savings can continue...