Monday, March 16, 2009

One More on Twitter

I really should have included this in yesterday's post. It's more than a week old, so it's kind of made the rounds already, but, if you haven't already, watch Old Man Stewart Shake His Fist At Twitter:

Lastly, I forgot to address another strange aspect of the micro-blogging service (Micro-blogging? Someone must have invented Twitter after coming across my long-winded, mega-blogging style): It makes some celebrities accessible to their fans in a way that the impersonal fan letter never could. There are a lot of fake celebrity Twitter accounts out there, but some of them are legitimate (or have really good ghost-tweeters) and the celebrities actually respond to followers who Tweet them.

Jimmy Fallon is making this the basis of his show on some nights (The Bryan Brinkman Experiment) and soliciting ideas from fans through his Twitter account.

Rainn Wilson might Tweet with you. Shaq, too. (No guarantees that you'll understand what he's saying though...)

Now do you want to join Twitter?

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