Monday, November 30, 2009

Top 5 New Holiday Carols from Local Artists

One of the joys of the Christmas season is the onslaught of new Christmas music. Sometimes it's a newly discovered cover of a well-worn favorite and sometimes it's an original holiday ditty that strikes the right chords and pulls the right heart strings to earn a place in the annual yuletide rotation.

The official Christmas season is only four days old, but in this brave new world of incessant social media, I feel like my new holiday music horizons have already been expanded more than they sometimes are in an entire Christmas season.

Along those lines, the Chicago Tribune's Mark Caro is overseeing a "New Holiday Classic" contest that asked readers to write and perform original holiday songs and submit them via YouTube so that the general public could vote on them. From 110 entries, 12 finalists were chosen.

You can view all of the finalists here, but if you don't have time for that, you can check out my Top 5 below.

5. Christmas Everywhere by Elias Fey
It's country and catchy.

4. What Christmas Means by Dina Bach

Strong female voice? Check. Vibrant piano riff? Check. Heartfelt lyrics? Check.

3. Santa's Comin' Here by Dick Eastman
It's got a catchy chorus and a slight Doobie Brothers feel to it.

2. Just Can't Wait by Brad Smith

This guy's song sounds like a lost Barenaked Ladies track and he gets bonus points for using Calvin and Hobbes artwork.

1. CTA X-Mas Train by The Snow Angels
So it might not be the most musically or lyrically amazing new classic, but the fact that it's an ode to the CTA's magnificent Christmas train makes it the obvious winner of a contest looking for original Christmas carols from Chicagoans. And it's winning in the poll right now, too.

What's your favorite? Go vote for it!

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