Monday, December 7, 2009

Sketchy Santas: Best. Christmas. Site. Ever.

Who's got a beard that just won't stay?
Sketchy Santa's got a beard that just won't stay!
Who makes children run away?
Sketchy Santa makes children run away!
Beard won't stay!
Run away!
Must be Sketchy! Must be Sketchy!
Must be Sketchy Santa Claus!

Today I was pointed to the best Christmas Web site I'll probably ever see in my life. If you're on Facebook, Twitter, G-Chat or anywhere else that I have an account, I've already shared it with you and you probably passed it on to others, but it's worth re-posting here, too.

Sketchy Santas!

There's too many of them!

It's horrible, but you just can't turn away.

Is that even a Santa?!

I think the Web site's tag line sums it up quite nicely: Santas be sketchy.

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