Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Madeline Peyroux: New Music For You

If you like old school ladies of song such as Ella Fitzgerald, I hope you've already discovered Madeline Peyroux. She has a few albums under her belt already, and her latest effort dropped today. (Whoa, I just used the word "dropped" in reference to an album. What's wrong with me? Let's move on...)

In addition to having a voice that sounds like the second coming of Billie Holiday and being one of Amazon's best-selling artists of all time, Peyroux produces songs with a bluesy, foot-tapping vibe that is immediately transfixing and transports you to a smoke-filled 1940s jazz club.

It actually transports me back to a college art classroom, since my senior year Basic Drawing professor apparently owned only two cds: Peyroux's excellent Careless Love and the Greatest Hits of the Police. At any rate, I fell in love and her new album sounds as fantastic as the first two.

Here are some of her older tracks to get you started:


ap said...

I've heard of her. I'll have to add her to my Ella Pandora station. I also just discovered Lisa Hannigan who has a Norah Jones mixed with Ingrid Michaelson vibe.

Matt said...

You've inspired me to make an Ella Pandora station now, ap! I'll check out this Lisa Hannigan person, too.