Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Procrastination Trail

When you sit at a computer all day long, you're bound to take some mental breaks, no matter how hard you work. I think of these lapses as the breaks that others spend refilling their water bottle or (if we still lived in the 1980s) smoking a cigarette. Everyone needs a break.

That said, I never really stop to think about where these breaks have taken me on a given day, so I thought it might be an interesting experiment to recount my day on the Web, via my Firefox browsing history. Why don't you come along for the ride?

As I checked my e-mail first thing this morning, the little Gmail Web Clip ticker showed me this link from Lifehacker. This free program will automatically suggest and help you download the appropriate program to open unknown files. Perfect for Moms, as the site says. I will definitely be installing this on the home computer later...

J-Startup News: Five Ways Newspapers Can Improve Online Ads
Logging into Twitter (my Lenten social networking drug of choice) brought me to a new message board about the future of journalism. I'm glad people are brainstorming about this topic, but the outlook isn't brilliant.

One Step at a Time: A Journey to Better Health

A G-chat status link brought me to the brand new blog of a friend who is apparently trying a raw diet detox program. Good luck, Kate! (with the blog and the program)

The Curse of Colonel Sanders

A friend sent this to me via G-chat. Apparently a Japanese baseball team has been cursed since 1985, when fans celebrated a championship win by tossing a statue of Colonel Sanders into a local river. The statue was recently relocated, so the curse is broken. Probably.

Click Bored
I subscribe to Very Short List, which sends me a unique Web site/book/movie/etc. suggestion each day. Today's was a doozy. Click the link and then try to stop clicking. You can't.

Interactive Immigration Map
and Fashion Muppet Murder
Another G-chat buddy provided two links for the price of one. If there is a deeper meaning behind the pairing of these two sites, I couldn't figure it out.

5 Robots That Look, Act and Are Designed Like Animals
Another Twitter link brought me to an interesting article from Popular Mechanics about innovations in robotic animals, most of which seem to be geared toward clandestine reconnaissance work. Everybody's happy until someone finds a robotic fly in their soup.


A cool search engine that allows you to see who on Twitter is linking to a particular site in their Tweets. (Note to self: Too much Twitter today...)

Dubbing Over the Masters: Eric Clapton and Oscar Peterson
I first came across this hilarious mashup last year, but was reminded of it today. The Peterson video in particular makes me laugh until I can't breathe.

Instructables: How to Make Free Ice Cream in a Restaurant

One last G-chat status link for the day brought me to a tutorial about how to make ice cream in a "diner-style restaurant" using ice water, salt, sugar, jelly and cream.

What did you see today?


Julie said...

Ha, I had not made the connection between Twitter and giving up Facebook for Lent. May I suggest though? I don't see any reason to have your feed locked. I don't know anything about anything but I suspect if having it public made any difference it would be positive. I don't really get the journalistic use of Twitter though to be honest. Other kinds of uses, yes, but journalism I'm fuzzy.

Matt said...

It's a great way for journalists and technies to have a nice insulated conversation with themselves. At least that's what it looks like from my Twitter updates list...