Friday, March 13, 2009

Sesame Street Explains It All

I never really get a chance to watch Sesame Street anymore, but it's second only to Mr. Rogers among my favorite early childhood TV shows.

In addition to all the lessons it teaches children about reading and spelling and numbers, the show is also quite ripe for parody. Jimmy Kimmel seems to take advantage of that most frequently and yesterday offered an explanation of the Madoff Scandal in a bit starring Ernie and Cookie Monster. (The spot-on impersonations of Ernie and Cookie Monster really sell this.)

In other news from the Street, the hilariously British Ricky Gervais recently filmed a celebrity appearance on the show, then conducted an interview with Elmo for the Associated Press. It's probably the only time that Elmo has heard the word "necrophilia."

Apparently Sesame Street is not immune to the recession. (Thanks, Erica!)

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