Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stephen Colbert: Dancing Catholic

I don't want this blog to devolve into my posting of videos and commenting on them, but when you find something like this, you just have to share it.

Start your Holy Week the right way--with a video of Stephen Colbert singing and dancing inanely to the old Catholic standard, "The King of Glory." This gives whole new meaning to the idea of liturgical dance. Take it away, Stephen...

I don't know where this clip came from or what it could possibly be about, but I guess it isn't new. Here's a blog post from 2007 that references the clip. Does anyone know if this was on The Colbert Report at some point?

Not that it really matters. Happy Holy Week!


ap said...

Colbert has mad Broadway dance skills!

B said...

Strangers with Candy

purlinglaura said...

Happy Holy Week indeed!